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Download Allergy Card in Japanese


To all those people who plan to travel to Japan, the gluten free restaurant cards below are free!

 We simply wanted to help people who is celiacs / coeliacs

or have other allergy enjoy your trip to Japan safely and comfortably.

Our wish

We have many customers with celiac disease—a severe gluten allergy—who visit our café on a daily basis.

They often ask us questions like "I want to travel to Japan, but where can I eat?” or "I went on a trip to Japan, but ended up not fully enjoying the food because I was afraid of cross contamination."

So, we made allergy card with the wish: "Even if you have allergies, we want you to enjoy Japanese culture and cuisine to the fullest!"


Mount Fuji

Follow @japanglutenfreeguide 

As a Japanese person who also has food allergies, I hope to provide you with recommendations for restaurants, souvenirs and other useful information so that you can enjoy your trip to Japan safely and comfortably, we set up account, @japanglutenfreeguide.

Hope it helps!

Mount Fuji
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