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Naturally Delicious

All our products are vegan, gluten and dairy free and made with all natural ingredients.

Rice Bread

Plain rice bread

Milky flavour and fluffy textured bread without gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, seed or any food additives.


Organic cinnamon sugar sourdoughnuts

A guilt-free treat, the outside is crispy and sweet, and the inside is fluffy. Cinnamon helps to improve lifestyle diseases and has an anti-aging effect.


Chocolate iced

To all choc lovers. Melt-in-mouth chocolate icing and our crispy yet fluffy sourdoughnut is a match made in heaven! Very popular with kids too.


Organic matcha custard sourdoughnuts

We take pride in only using high quality organic matcha from Japan and offering you real Japanese matcha flavour, which is rich and aromatic.


Raspberry custard

Must try this one if you love fruits. Filled with organic raspberry custard and topped with a flavour bursting raspberry. Also, how cute does this look!?


6 pieces sourdoughnuts

Do you want to try more than one flavour but think full size is too much? Try this 6 mini doughnuts. It also looks super cute, perfect for kids party or any party!



When you have a bite of glazed sugar, it melts like snow in your mouth. A perfect match with tea or coffee. This is a 'Must Have' for your tea or coffee break!


Salted caramel custard sourdoughnuts

Our superbly balanced subtly bitter and salty caramel is irresistibly tasty! It's our most popular doughnut! We make our caramel from scratch.


Mocha coffee custard sourdoughnuts

Enjoy robust coffee custard topped with powdered cocoa. If you are a devoted coffee lover, this one is for you!


Adzuki red beans

This is a Japanese style doughnut stuffed with red bean paste. We boil Australian grown red beans slowly so that the texture and sweetness are perfect.


Organic raspberry iced sourdoughnuts

Our organic raspberry icing isn't only beautiful in colour but also safe to eat as it has no food colouring and is free from agricultural chemicals. 


Chocolate custard

Rich chocolate custard and sourdough is the best combination! For all choc lovers, try it once and you will fall in love for sure!


Passion fruit custard sourdoughnuts

Using all the passion fruit pulp, this refreshingly sour flavoured custard mixed with sweetness gives you an instant smile!


Stewed apple cinammon sourdoughnuts

We carefully wrap homemade stewed apple in our sourdough and top it with vegan custard. This combination creates a harmony that you can’t resist!

Other Baked Sweets

Sweet potato

Using sweet potato as the main ingredient, our rich and moist sweet potato brownie is totally irresistible. Our longest selling product.

Vegan Sushi
image_6483441 (6)_edited.jpg

Small sushi platter

This platter includes 40 pieces of sushi rolls (8 pieces x 5 flavours), perfect for 2-3 people. View our sushi menu by clicking the button below!


Large sushi platter

This platter includes 48 pieces of sushi rolls (8 pieces x 6 flavours) and 4 pieces each of 3 nigiri flavours. Perfect for 4-6 people. View our sushi and nigiri menu by clicking the button below!

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