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Eat, laugh and share happy moments!

We love creating food for people who have allergy and food limitations!


3 years ago, I had continuous bad health and was unable to live my usual daily life. I had no choice but to resign from my career. Even my doctor could not find what was causing this illness, and I lived my days suffering from this illness.


One day, I went to see another doctor and the doctor said, “It could be an allergy”.


After my allergy examination, they told me the symptoms were caused from a gluten allergy I had before and now egg and milk as well! Three allergies had developed and I thought “What should I eat from now on”, it was quite a quandary.


I wanted to recover from this allergy, and I decided to go to see a naturopath. The naturopath advised me that, to recover from an allergy, it is important to recondition my intestinal environment. Also, to avoid food additives, genetically modified food and agricultural chemicals as much as I can.


Our meals had to change.


My husband and I had different menus every day. We could not enjoy meal time together. Our normally fun meal times became melancholy. My husband saw how upset I was and even though he was unaccustomed to it, he sincerely thought about and created recipes that both of us could eat. I was encouraged by his kindness. We began studying foods without allergens and food additives.


Since then, slowly our dinner time has become fun again. I realised that it is so lovely to have a delicious meal with my love. Since I improved my dietary habits two years ago, my body is much better. My body hardly react to allergy, and I never catch cold every month how I used to be.


From this experience, I wished that all people, with or without dietary restrictions, could have the same food and spend good times together. Also, I sincerely wish people who suffer from allergies will be able to improve their dietary habits as I did.


With this prayer, we started our business.


Even without dietary restrictions, when people come to our store, everyone can smile and eat delicious food together that is safe and allergen free. Creating such a place is our dream!

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