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Our Food

All our products are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and made with all natural ingredients.


This deliciously fluffy bread is allergy free, and doesn’t use any food additives including guar gum or xanthan gum.


Vegan food doesn't have to be bland. We take taste seriously and our vegan sushi is made by an experienced Japanese chef. We also consider food miles, so our vegetables are selected from local growers and our packaging is plastic free.


These doughnuts use a sourdough that has been fermented for 48 hours using gluten-free sourdough born from organic brown rice. Our doughnuts are not oily, because we use rice flour and rice bran oil.


Our rich and moist sweet potato brownies have been loved by our customers from the start. The baked doughnuts are fluffy and moist and one of our best sellers. We have lots of repeat customers for these items.

Our Story

We are careful about selecting ingredients that are allergy and additive-free and healthy.  We are determined to offer everyone, those who have dietary restrictions and those who don’t, delicious food.