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Small sushi platter

This platter includes 40 pieces of sushi rolls (8 pieces x 5 flavours), perfect for 2-3 people. 

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Aburi Eggplant Teriyaki Roll

Inside – Organic pumpkin, Tempura, Onion ring, Cucumber, Carrot

Top – Pan-fried eggplant, Teriyaki sauce, Vegan mayonnaise

Jalapeno & Eggplant Chili roll

Inside – Pumpkin tempura, Onion ring, Carrot, Cucumber.

Top – Flame seared eggplant, drizzled teriyaki sauce & chili mayo, jalapeno 

Sukiyaki Curry Roll

Inside – Konnyac, Leek, Teriyaki Mushroom, Organic Baked Tofu

Top – Lotus Loots Chips, Curry Mayo, Teriyaki Sauce

Smoky BBQ Miso Roll

Inside – Onion ring, Fried eggplant, Carrot, CucumberTop –  Inari burn the surface of inari with flame, Sesame, Organic miso sauce

Organic Vegan Schnitzel & Karashi Roll:
Inside – O
rganic vegan chicken schnitzel, Avocado, Cucumber, Carrot

Top – Karashi(Japanese mustard) sauce, Teriyaki sauce


Our sushi doesn't contain gluten, egg, dairy, nuts, shell fish or fish.

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