Sushi platter B

This platter includes 40 pieces of sushi rolls (8 pieces x 5 flavours) and 7 pieces each of 2 nigiri flavours. Perfect for 6-7 people. You can pick your favourite flavours from our menu.


Aburi Roll
Inside – Organic pumpkin, Tempura, Onion ring, Cucumber, Carrot

Top – Pan-fried eggplant, Teriyaki sauce, Vegan mayonnaise

Mushroom & Chili Roll

Inside – Shiitake tempura, Lettuce, Cucumber, Carrot

Top – Tempura bits, Chili mayonnaise 

Sukiyaki Roll

Inside – Konkyac, Leek, Teriyaki Mushroom, Organic Baked Tofu

Top – Lotus Loots Chips, Seven Spice, Mayo

Miso Dengaku Roll
Inside – Onion ring, Fried eggplant, Carrot, Cucumber
Top – Sesame, Haccho miso mayonnaise


Tomato Avocado Cheese Roll:
Inside – Coconut cream cheese, Avocado, Lettuce, Cucumber, Carrot 

Top – Tomato marinated soy sauce


Vegan Katsu Nigiri

Organic Tofu Katsu, Teriyaki Sauce, Mayo


Corn Gunkan (for Kids)

Corn, Mayo


Spicy Tomato and Avocado
Cucumber Gunkan

Avocado, Tomato,
Cucumber Chilli Sauce


Vegan Tuna

Roasted Capsicum, Organic Kale & Basil


Our sushi doesn't contain gluten, egg, dairy, nuts, shell fish or fish.